12 Sep 2013

Suzann Pro Challenge

Suzann Pro Challenge

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What an experience to play the Suzann Pro Challenge! The invitation to play in it was an honor in itself, but this tournament gave me so much more than I ever could have imagined beforehand. It was really cool to be around so many good golfers, and of course, playing with all of them made it even more special. Also, getting to know Suzann made this week incredible.

Getting to know these fantastic golfers and sweet personalities was truly amazing, and yet, there were two other things that touched me even more on an emotional level. Firstly, having such an incredible crowd gave me goose bumps while playing; it was fabulous and something I have never experienced before. The atmosphere at Oslo GC was electric and I enjoyed every moment of it. Many thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed this beautiful day in support of this fantastic event!

The second thing that made me very emotional was the dinner party hosted by Suzann after tournament play. Following the lovely dinner, an auction was held to raise money for the charity; Right to Play. Looking back at it, I wish that everyone could have experienced this evening which was filled with a lot of emotions; I was sad and happy both at the same time… How is that really possible? Well, it’s hard to explain, but I will try my best... Through a presentation and a great speech held by Suzann, we got insight on how challenged children in undeveloped countries live their lives. At the same time, we were enjoying a very fine meal and all of us were dressed up in our finest clothes. This felt absurd and, in many ways, very wrong. It provoked a lot of feelings throughout the evening and I felt like an emotional rollercoaster. However, the generosity shown by the people in connection with the following auction gave me goose bumps again. I was left with a feeling of what was done that night would make a huge different, miracles and impact MANY children’s lives. NOK 817.000 ($136.000) was collected that night – WOW! Tears of sadness and joy went hand in hand all night! It was truly amazing.  

I have always said I want to combine golf and the opportunity to help others. This week was my first time as a professional golfer where I could actually help others just because of my profession. It was also quite emotional watching the other players bid on different items and to see their eagerness to help others; this gave me huge motivation. This is what I want to do!!!! I want to play golf, work for my goals and when I am successful, I will without a doubt strive to help people in need around the world; just like these great golfers did tonight. Thank you to everyone who was bidding to give “Right to Play” money for their work so that more children can experience what we take for granted in our everyday lives; to play and have fun!

Finally, I will again sincerely like to thank Suzann who gave me this fantastic opportunity!  This experience and these emotions I will bring with me for the rest of my life! Thank you; you are a great athlete and a fantastic person!

Also a big thanks to and that have provided me with their photos!

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