5 Jun 2015

Life as a proffesional golfer

Life as a proffesional golfer

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During the tournament in Greenwood, SC I was asked to take over the Symetra Tour`s Instagram Feed. Through pictures during the day I tried to show how a normal day in my life on Tour unfolds. This was my first event after the lengthy recovery from my wrist injury. Being asked to take over the Symetra Tour’s Instagram Feed was a great way to tell everyone: “I’m back”. It gave me a great chance to introduce my followers in Europe to Symetra’s Instagram Feed, and also gave me a chance to kick-start my own 2015 season on social medias.  I will recreate the posts here so you can have a look, if you did not get to see them on Instagram.

Monday I received a very nice introduction from Symetra Tour on Instagram. They announced my takeover and wrote:

She`s back on the course and she`s taking over our feed Tuesday!! Follow as @maritaengzelius – who won the `14 #symetratour Championship – takes you through a day as she prepares for the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women’s Health Classic at @linksatstoneypoint in @visitgreenwoodsc! 

I am Marita EngzeliusI posted my first post on Tuesday 7th of May around 6:30am.

Good morning everyone!
I am Marita Engzelius from the cold country Norway
J Today, I am taking over the Instagram feed to show you what a typical day in my life looks like. I have been dealing with a wrist injury for the past five months and I am very happy to be back on the tour. This is my first event this year and I am ready to start my 2015 season! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment under these postsJ

At 7:30am I posted this:

At the mentoring breakfast and player panel with all the Symetra tour players and these great current- and past LPGA players. They are really making this event even more special for us players, the sponsors and everyone else @thelinksatstoneypoint. #AlwaysSomethingToLearn #lpga #mentoringbreakfast #halloffame @visitgreenwoodsc @maritaengzelius

The player panel was very interesting. Nancy Lopez, Meg Mallon, Beth Daniel, Pat Bradley, Jennifer Song, and Brook Pancake all answered questions we had. Always something to learn and very fun to hear their perspective on different things. At 9:00am I was at the course warming up for the practice round. 9:30am I played in a shotgun practice round and I posted this after my first hole:

First practice round of the year and first tee shot of the dayJ Thanks @emilytalley for taking this video;-) Fun to be out here! Great conditions and the weather is amazing. #blessed @maritaengzelius @thelinksatstoneypoint @visitgreenwoodsc

Mental CoachAfter nine holes and a proper lunch, it time to talk to my mental coach Cecilie Ystenes. We normally use skype, but because of a poor wifi connection we ended up talking on the phone. After the session I posted this:

I just had a session on the phone with my mental coach. I do believe the mental aspect of the game is equally important to hitting balls on the range. My mental coach @cecilieystenes_mentaltrener has helped me handling my injury in the best way possible and I am so thankful for all the hard work she puts into my success. The main themes we often discuss includes; my goals, visualization, stress regulation/control, focus and confidence as well as other relevant situations or aspects I want to discuss. #mentaltraining #bebettertodaythanyesterday

Then it was time for practice and while I putted for two hours and I posted two posts from this session:

I always start my putting sessions with checking my aim and setup. I do this for about 10 minutes (top left picture). In the other picture I am using the Pelz tutor training aid. The Pelz tutor is great as it forces you to start the ball on the right line for it to go through the two metal balls on the front. I want to give @jonkarlsengolf a big thanks for being such a great putting coach!

Speed control… Three balls in a row to stay at the towel before moving on to the next distance…

Around 4pm I went to the range

I am due for a brief range session to finish my day at the course. I am currently working on my tempo and transition from the backswing to the downswing. @jonas_lilja has been my golf coach for the past four years and I am very thankful for all your help and hard work!

I love to workoutI finished the day with a physical workout…
I love my rubber-bands ;-) Few days goes by without a solid workout session and this year we have had to be creative as I haven’t been able to use my hands. With help from @larshefte and Mathias Lilleheim from #norway, I have implemented bands in the majority of my workout to “protect” my wrist. I do this by “hooking” the bands onto my body, so I do not have to actually hold anything with my hands. I’ve always had heavy lifting as part of my workout routine, but this year it’s been mostly bodyweight exercises; not taking into account the squats ;-)

Dinner with my Host FamilyDinner is important, but more so are the people you share your dinner with…

Dinner with my host family:-) Thank you to everyone who are hosting us players! It means the world to us that people like Patti and Craig are opening their homes to us. Every week, there are many volunteers and host families making the tournaments doable and complete. I want all of you to know that we are all forever grateful! Thank you!


I usually go to bed between 9:00pm and 10:00pm each day. After a good day of practice, enough time to recovery is all important and I value my sleep accordingly!Good Night from me

It's coming to an end for my #instagramtakeover. Now, it is time for me to sleep and this last post I want to dedicate to my sponsors. What I am doing today would not been possible without you! Thank you so much for supporting me! #hecotron #teamnorwaygolf #teamengzelius #harlemfood #oslogk #varsityhats #Rim Also, a big thanks to my family!


If you want to keep up with me in the future, you can follow me on Instagram/Twitter @maritaengzelius or at

Sweet dreams! ️ #adayinmylife

So this is what a normal day on the tour looks like for me. If you want to follow me on social media I use Instagram for more everyday pictures and updates, facebook for all tournaments updates and strictly golf related news, and Twitter for short updates on a little bit of everything.

Instagram: @maritaengzelius
Twitter: @maritaengzelius

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